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    but Lisa just saidyin荡的护士乳在办公室揉

    Broken Bliss Ch 6+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++The sun beat down on me, as I lay back in my lawn chair. The sounds of waves lapping against the beach a great counterpoint to the sound of slurping, as my sister, Lisa, licked and sucked my cock. I placed my hand on the back of her auburn hair, and marveled as it turned dark brown. She looked up at me smiling, and I was surprised to see her eyes turn to a shade of grey.Coming fully awake, I realize that only part of the dream was false. My cock was buried in a mouth, and it did belong to my sister, only not the one I had originally been dreaming about.Faith. The older sister I never knew I had, until after I came in her last night, was happily bringing my dick to full life."Good! You're awake," she said softly, and I realized we were not alone in my bed. Faith was only my half sister, by my father. Our different mothers were both naked and lying on either side of me, fast asleep. Faith began to lick her way up my body, nibbling for a second on my neck, as she got her pussy in position. Once there, she began to push down against the head of my cock. She wasn't nearly as wet as she had been last night, and it was a struggle for her just to get the head past her sensitive lips. If it weren't for the fact that it was morning, the time I usually have the stiffest wood, she probably would have bent me in her attempt. As it was, there was a sudden release of pressure as the head of my penis finally broached past her entrance. Faith sighed contentedly, and Sarah (Faith's mom), mumbled in her sleep. We both froze, waiting to see what would happen next. When Sarah didn't make any further noises, Faith began to slowly gyrate her hips, lifting slightly, then dropping down, bit by bit, trying to stuff my thick cock in her under-lubricated tight hole. This time it was me that moaned at the pleasure of the sensations. Mom (mine) began to roll towards us, and we quickly scooted down, out of her way, so that we were now at the foot of the bed, and Mom ended up cuddling next to Sarah. We both laughed silently, and I felt Faith slide a little further down my pole.It took a couple minutes, but when her ass finally reached my nut sack, her eyes rolled back, and she sucked in her bottom lip to stop a moan of delight. She held still, obviously trying to become accustomed to me, even though she had had me last night. Seeing the look of rapture on her face, I was able to see the similarities between her and Lisa. This made my cock jump, and Faith's eyes opened wide as there was apparently a little deeper I could go.Somehow knowing this time that Faith was my half-sister turned me on even more than I had been last night, and I began to move my hips softly underneath her, so as not to wake our mothers. Faith leaned down, and moans into my mouth as our hips find a rhythm together, and we dance to it.Faith (who is a natural screamer like her mother), accidently lets out a small yell as she has her first orgasm, and I freeze, looking to the two at the top of my bed. Mom is tightly spooned up against Sarah's back, and her fingers are absentmindedly tracing up and down Sarah's torso. Despite this, neither woman seems to be awake yet.I look back up to Faith with a warning look, and whisper, "If you want this to be just us--" but she stops me with a kiss, and begins to move her hips in earnest. I can feel her muscles gripping me as she pulls up, and then loosening as she starts to slam back down. Our kiss is the only thing keeping her screams in, but it all crashes down when Faith has another orgasm, and there is no containing the wail of purest bliss that escapes from our lips."What do you two think you are doing?" Mom demanded."Yeah! You should've woke us up!" Sarah followed after.Faith hadn't stopped moving, as she came down from her climax, and she only smiled seductively at the two older women. Biting her lower lip, she beckoned her mom over to her. Sarah was all too happy to comply, and as soon as she was in reach, Faith grabbed the back of her head, and pulled her in for a powerful kiss.Mom crawled over to me, and began kissing me as well, then kissing further down to my chest and nipples. I loved when Mom did this, and at this angle, it left her beautiful breasts dangling above my lips. I suck first one rubbery nipple then the other, as I felt Faith pick up her pace, and her screams getting louder. Mom kissed her way down my body, over to where Sarah was kneeling next to us, and then began to lick her way up the Blonde woman's body.Sarah broke her kiss off from her daughter, and pulled Mom up to kiss her. They collapsed next to Faith and I, as their hands began to roam each other's bodies. I looked to Faith, and saw that her eyes were locked on the two older women. By the spasms I could feel around my cock, it was easy to tell that it was turning her on, and she was soon shuddering atop me in her third orgasm of the morning.Faith rolled off me, and I saw that Mom had moved down, so that her mouth was plastered to Sarah's pussy, and her ass was off the edge of the bed. I slid off the bed, and positioned myself behind her. It took me a second to get the right angle, but I relished in the fire I felt as I slowly fed my fat cock into her. As usual, her pussy felt like heat incarnate, as I thrust my hips, making her grunt and moan into Sarah's slick slit.Sarah watches me fucking my mother and playing with her ample breasts, as she screams her delight at what Mom is doing for her. I can see the lust burning deep in her eyes, and I know it is reflected in mine. I feel Mom shake under me, as she starts to push back against my thrusts. She is nearing her own orgasm. I begin to rotate my hips, remembering how she liked that before and this seems to set her off. Her legs buckle, and she collapses on the floor, moaning as her body is wracked with bliss.Seeing Sarah's pussy before me, my first thought is to put it in her, but then I recall that of all the women here, I haven't yet tasted her. Unfortunately with my arms in their casts, I can't get to it with her in that position."I want to taste you," I tell her, then lie on my back. She is all too eager, as she sits atop me, facing my cock. She bends over and I can feel my cock part her sweet lips, as she starts to lick her daughter's and Mom's juices from my penis. I lick around her pussy, teasing her for a bit, before I lightly flick her labia with the tip of my tongue. She slams her mound down on my mouth, and I know she means business. I go straight for my signature move, and begin to pop her clit between my teeth and tongue. My cock reverberates from the scream it just barely muffles.Sarah's crotch parts from my mouth and she spins around, a look of wild hunger in her eyes. "That... Was..." She doesn't finish her sentence as my cock slides into her well lubricated hole, and her eyes roll back. Her scream this time was nearly enough to make us go deaf. I turn my head, trying to protect at least one ear against the bed, and see Faith with three fingers in her twat, furiously frigging herself to the sight of her mom on top of me. I start to move my hips, and I see Faith match my rhythm. As I pull down, she pulls out, and as I slam up, she does the same. Watching her, I know I want back into her again. Both women are screaming in ecstasy, and I wonder where Mom has gotten off to.Sarah's large tits are bouncing under her hands as she tugs her nipples away from her body. Her hips are rotating on my groin as I pump into her tight cunny from below, and I can sense her orgasm coming on, as her screams get higher pitched. She reaches down, and begins to rub her clit hard. This does it for her, and her pussy clamps down on me hard, as her first silent scream escapes her throat.Sarah bends down, and kisses me softly. "Thank you for that," she whispers hoarsely. "I think someone else wants it back, though." I follow Sarah's gaze, and see that Faith is hungrily looked at us. Sarah gets off me, and I get onto my knees, and approach my half-sister. She has a hopeful look in her eyes, as I look down at her. "I saved the last for you," I tell her, and moan as she lifts her hips, and grabs my cock to slide it in. Sarah grabbed some pillows and propped them under her daughter's ass, allowing her to relax a little. Faith's legs wrapped around me, and she used their leverage to rock her hips, as I thrust. Her screams of pleasure were approaching those of her mother's, and I knew I was finally getting close. I wasn't sure how I had lasted even this long, but I knew I wanted to leave this load in my half-sister.Sarah began to rub her daughter's clit and suck her nipples, sending a tidal wave of screams from Faith, and I could feel her orgasm as it struck. This finally triggered my own, and it almost hurt with as much force as I shot my ejaculate into my sister's sucking pussy.I collapsed backwards, and my sopping wet dick popped out of Faith, only to be replaced by her mother's mouth, sucking my cum from it. I could only lay there in a daze as I listened to Faith's screams and moans as her mother worked her pussy. When Sarah was done with her, she turned her attention to cleaning me up. It felt nice, but there was no way it was coming back to life anytime soon."Breakfast is ready," Mom yelled from the kitchen, and we all got up. Sarah and Faith helped me get dressed, before we left my room. Looking back, my room looked like wild animals had been living in it, which in a way, I guess they did.Mom had made French toast, and waffles, orange juice and bacon. Now I knew where she had gone. Had we really been fucking long enough for her to make all this? I wondered. Then the smells reached me, and I realized just how famished I was.There was a slight altercation as all three women wanted to be the one to feed me, but in the end, Mom won out on the simple grounds that she WAS my mother, and therefore it was her RIGHT.About halfway through breakfast, Lisa came home. She sat down, and ate quietly, rebuffing any questions about how her night had been. She even only minimally reacted to the news that Faith was our half-sister.Lisa finished quickly and went straight to her room. Faith and Sarah left soon after, with promises to return another time, or have us all over. Mom suggested I should go talk to Lisa, and see if I could figure out what was wrong. I figured I was the last one she wanted to see, but trudged downstairs, never-the-less.I kneed her door, and it opened a second later. "Oh, it's you," she said listlessly."What's going on?" I asked, worried about the change in my usually happy little sister. She pulled me into her room, and shut the door behind her."I screwed up," she said. "I screwed up big." I could see tears forming in her eyes, but I was powerless to comfort her with my arms in their cast. I stepped up close to her, though, just to let her know I was there. She wrapped her arms around me, and hugged me tight. I just let her cry, knowing she would talk to me when she was ready. "Can you ever forgive me, big brother?" she asked after some time had passed. I looked down at her, asking what there was to forgive.Slowly the story unfolded. She had gone to the mall yesterday, when she'd left here. She ran into some guys that were ditching school, and they assumed she was doing the same. They had hung out all day, and afterwards, they went back to one of the guy's places. She had let him get her naked, and he'd fucked her hard and painfully. "It was nothing like how loving you are!" She told me. "It hurt, and when I told him, he didn't care. He just slapped my behind and told me to 'take it like the slut I am'. Oh, Jason," she wailed, a new onset of tears coming, "I am a slut for letting him do that to me. I even let him in my ass, and that REALLY hurt."I was really upset that someone would treat my little sister that way. I wanted to go and kick their ass. I wanted to take a spike and shove it up their ass, and show them what it was like to be treated that way. Then I remembered my busted arms, and also the way I had treated Jenny. Jenny may have deserved it, but I still felt bad. Maybe I would find some way to apologize."Can you ever forgive me?" Lisa asked, bringing me back to the present."There is nothing to forgive," I told her soothingly. "Besides, it sounds like you have already suffered enough." I stepped back to look at her. "Why did you do it, though?""I was angry at you for being so willing to get Geo pregnant. So willing to stick your dick in her. I figured I would show you, and let some guy stick his dick in me, but it hurt. Oh, how it hurt. And he wasn't loving or caring like you are. He only wanted to use me." She looked up into my eyes, and I saw a small smile begin to blossom behind them, finally showing me the sister I knew. "I showed him, though. Before I left last night, I kicked him really hard where it counts. He won't be using THAT again anytime soon."I had to smile too. At least I knew the jerk had gotten what he deserved. "Wait," I said, something occurring to me. "You left last night? Where were you all night then?"Her smile turned sheepish. "I slept in my car. I had a lot to think about, and I decided something." She looked to me, and I indicated for her to go on. "I don't care who you stick your dick in, as long as you still love me, and care for me like you have."Despite her confession, I felt it probably wasn't a great time to confess just how many places my dick had been in lately."I will always love you, Lisa. Always."Lisa planted a hand on each of my cheeks, and pulled me down for a loving kiss. "Too bad mom is home," she told me when she pulled away. "I could really use some brotherly loving." I couldn't tell her I was glad that she was home. I still don't think I could've gotten hard right then, and considering my healthy sex drive, that is really saying something.When we both went back upstairs, Mom greeted us with warm smiles. "I'm so glad to have my children home with me. Aren't we lucky that Jason is here, Lisa?" I blushed at the attention, but Lisa just said, "Yes mom. We are VERY lucky.Mom set about cleaning the house, and even cleaned my room. She reported that Faith had left her panties under my pillow, and I could only smile. She had known I was her brother, and still she seduced me. I marveled that I no longer worried about incest, or the problems I had always heard about it. When it came right down to it, all it amounted to was a family that loved each other deeply, and shared with one another.Mom got called into work, since she had called in sick yesterday, and as soon as her car pulled out of the driveway, Lisa started pulling me to her room. "Come on. I need you in me! I need to feel that loving connection again, to wash away that other guy." Hearing about the other guy put me off a bit, but Lisa's begging was also a turn on.For the second time that week, I was interrupted by someone at the door. After the talk Lisa had had with me this morning, I wasn't too pleased to see Geo dressed in a loose fitting sweat suit. Despite her attire, she somehow still looked stunning."I did say I would be over as soon as she left for work, didn't I?" Geo said as she pushed her way past me."Fine!" Lisa said behind me. "But I get him first." I was still shocked at the speed of Lisa's turnaround in attitude, but just figured she was making the best of a bad situation.Down in Lisa's room, both women helped me get undressed and undressed themselves, and then Geo sat in a chair, letting Lisa "have me first."I felt like a piece of meat, but rather enjoyed it.Lisa kissed me slow and tenderly, and I returned it, trying to show all the emotion and caring I held for her with just my lips. She broke the kiss, and began to kiss her way down till she reached my stiffening member. Tenderly, almost teasingly she planted light kisses from the head, down the base, and even kissed my taint, before returning to the head. She stared it in the eye for a moment, then opened her mouth wide, and sucked it in. I could feel her tongue swirling around the sensitive rim, and moaned. Geo got up from her chair, and knelt down next to Lisa. I was afraid she was going to try to fight for my cock, but instead, she used her right hand to pull back Lisa's auburn hair out of the way, and used her left hand to lightly trace her fingers over Lisa's exposed skin. I watched as both women's nipples got hard, and Lisa actually got goose bumps.I compared the two women's breasts, and while I had to admit that Geo's looked nice and neat, they were too small for my tastes. I preferred my sister's bigger C's.Lisa started to make slurping noises, and another moan escaped me. Lisa moaned too, and I noticed that Geo now had her hand on Lisa's pussy. I couldn't tell from this angle if she was fingering my sister, or just rubbing, but either way, Lisa was enjoying the attention. I knew I was nowhere near cumming, so I continued to watch as Geo kissed her way down Lisa's body,丰满熟妇人妻中文字幕 and then slid her face under my sister. I knew the second Geo's tongue touched her, as my sibling jumped and moaned at the same time.Geo must really know what she is doing, because it didn't take long for her to get Lisa to cum. When she had recovered, Lisa looked at me with the wild look I have come to know so well lately. She shoved me back, and I fell onto the bed. She crawled on top of me, and I felt Geo line me up with Lisa's hole. Lisa sat down hard, and more of me than I expected went into her.Geo knelt next to us, and I could see that her face was covered in my sister's juices. Lisa began to rock her hips, working me deeper and deeper into her tight pussy. Geo grabbed Lisa's face, and began to kiss her, returning some of her own juices to her. Geo then brought her leg over my chest, and scooted back till I could taste her, all without breaking the kiss to my sister. I felt a hand near where I was connected with my sister, and Lisa's already tight cunny squeeze me harder. I guessed that Geo was playing with Lisa's clit.I sucked Geo's lips into my mouth, and began to run my tongue between them as I sucked hard. I was rewarded a few moments later by a mouthful of her cum. Geo hopped off me, surprising me, until I saw her pull Lisa's face down to mine for a kiss. She wanted Lisa to have a taste of herself. I obliging kissed my loving sister, and was surprised by the hunger with which she began to kiss me back. I began to thrust in earnest as we kissed, and loved the sounds Lisa was making.I felt Geo's tongue on my balls, and groaned in delight at the sensation, but it was short lived as she worked her way up to Lisa. My sister broke the kiss, and turned to look at Geo. "It really hurts back there," she said, and I realized that Geo must have been licking her ass."Relax. I know how to treat you," Geo said, and pushed Lisa's face back to mine. I felt Lisa tense for a moment as we kissed, then relax. She sat still for a couple moments, and I noticed I could feel something moving inside her. It took me a moment to realize that Geo had at least one finger in Lisa's ass. After a couple seconds, Lisa began to lift her hips, and slam them back down on me. She began to moan in earnest, her tongue in my mouth fighting desperately, when she finally came, soaking my cock, and kissing me passionately.I waited for her to calm down, and began to move my hips, only to have her roll off of me. "I'm sorry," she told me. "I can't take anymore. It felt so good! Thank you, Geo, for showing me that it COULD feel good. I guess I'm just too sensitive down there right now to keep going." She eyed Geo for a moment, then sat up, and planted a big kiss on her lips. "I will trust you to take care of him. You are welcome to use him till you get pregnant. Thank you again, for being so kind.""Hey!" I protested. "Don't I get a say in this?" Both women just ignored me, as their kiss continued. "Thank you. I will treat him properly, and please know that I can be there for you too, if you need." Geo said, as she threw her leg across my body, facing away from me. Lisa helped guide me into Geo, and all protests left my mind. While Geo wasn't the tightest of the women I had been with recently, she knew how to move her hips, and use her muscles to great effect. If I hadn't cum so much recently, I wouldn't have lasted more than a couple seconds, which I think was her goal. She almost seemed disappointed, when I didn't immediately give her what she'd come for.I watched as Geo became more and more frustrated that she couldn't get me off. Remembering how she had behaved in her bathroom the other day, I could tell she was trying not to enjoy it, as if it was just a job to her.Up until this point, I had held still, letting her do all the work. Finally she turned to me, slightly in anger. "What's wrong? Can't cum for someone that's not your sister?" "Relax. I know how to treat you," I said, using her words against her, and thrust up with my hips at the same time. Her eyes rolled back slightly, and I swear a heard a slight moan. I thrust again, sharp and hard, and this time I know I heard it."I'm not here to enjoy myself. I'm just here to get pregnant," she tried to tell me, but it was ruined by another thrust, and moan. "I have someone--sigh--that I love, and I--ugh-- am only doing--ah-- this for us. Not--unh-- for--to--ah--me--oh!--umm..." She seemed to forget what she was saying as I picked up my rhythm, and then changed completely. "Yeah, right there! Shove that thick cock up my pussy! Oh, it is so big. I can feel it stretching me. Yes!" Geo began to pant and moan, and as I felt her get wetter around me I knew she was finally enjoying it.Movement on the bed brought my attention to Lisa, and I watched, as she placed her head between our legs. "Oh, fuck yes! Lick my clit while I ride your brother's cock. Oh, Gawd it feels so good. No, don't stop. Please don't stop! I'm gonna CUMMMMM!" Geo slammed down hard on me, and I could feel her pussy absorbing my cock. I started to shoot my seed deep into her, moaning and half sitting up with the power of the orgasm. "Oh, I can feel it! I can feel it burning inside me! Oh, John, why can't you share this with me? It feels so good!" I don't know if Geo had a second orgasm, or just one really long one, but her muscles milked every last ounce of cum out of me.Geo got up off me, and lay next to me, lifting her pelvis in the air. Lisa wrapped her soft lips around my cock, licking up the mixtures of cum that still soaked me. Surprisingly, it didn't take long, before I was hard again. Lisa smiled at me, and then turned to Geo. "Think you can handle another load?"Geo grinned back. "Absolutely. More likely to take that way!" She grinned, and surprised me with a kiss."Just let me get him close for you," Lisa said, as she climbed on top. I had thought she was still too sore, but I guess she had recovered quicker than I'd thought.Lisa easily slid onto me, and while she still felt like a too tight glove, it only took her a couple seconds before I was fully sheathed in her.That's when Mom walked into the room."I thought I heard you in here." Mom didn't sound angry. In fact, her tone was more conversational, but Lisa jumped off me as quick as she could, attempting to cover herself."Mom!" My sister wailed. "I'm so sorry! I know it is wrong, but I love him!"Mom looked to all of us for a moment, and then looked into my eyes for a long time. "Is this true, hunny? Does she love you?" I didn't know what game Mom was playing at, but only nodded. "And do you love her?” I nodded again. Mom then turned to Geo, "And do you love him too?"Geo surprised me with her answer. "I love his cock, Diane, but I love my brother more. I'm just trying to get pregnant."Mom nodded to herself. "You say you love his cock. Hmm. This cock?" Mom's hand reached out, and grabbed me around the base. I was still too hard for her hand to wrap completely around it. "This beautiful cock?" Mom's hand started to slide up and down my pole, using Lisa's juices as a lubricant. We all just stared as Mom continued talking. "This wonderful, thick, tasty cock?" Mom dropper her head to my lap, and began licking the head of my penis.Lisa was the first to break from the spell. "You mean you're not mad?"My cock made a loud popping sound as it left Mom's mouth. "Mad? No, sweety. I have been trying to figure out for awhile now, how to introduce you to your brother's wonderfully large cock. I am happy to find you here." Her eyes then focused on Geo. "I don't know how I feel about you wanting to get pregnant by my son, but he is a grown man, and can make his own decisions." Mom's head dropped back to my lap, and I groaned with pleasure as she really started to give me a blowjob.Again, Lisa was the first to act. "Hey, I had that first." She forced her way between my legs, and started to suck on my testicles. I moaned loudly, and began thrusting my hips. This was absolutely a new experience, and between the skills of my mom, and the enthusiasm of my sister, I was in bliss. Looking at my arms, I chucked. A broken bliss, if you will.Lisa helped Mom strip, and then had me scoot to the edge of the bed, so that my legs dangled over. Mom then climbed on top of me. I didn't realize just how wet she was, until she took my whole length in one go. Lisa stood behind her, between my legs, and was kissing her neck, while simultaneously rubbing her clit, and playing with her slightly larger breasts. The sight of my lovely little sister molesting Mom, while she rode my pole had me harder than I'd ever been in my life."This is something special between your family. Cherish them." Geo said in my ear. "I will be back for more, you can count on that, but for now, this should be just your family." I barely noticed as she got up, dressed, and left.Mom started to cum, rocking her hips erratically atop me, and I saw that she and Lisa were lip-locked as she ground herself against me. I thrust my hips up, trying to get her orgasm to last as long as possible. Gasping for air, mom finally broke the kiss. "Okay, sweety, now it's your turn."Mom turned around, and sat on my face as I felt her hold my rod till my sister was safely seated around it. Knowing what Mom liked, I began to eat her out in earnest, trying to return the same pleasure she had given me just a bit ago. I could feel Lisa grinding her hips against me as hard as she could, and loved the echoing sounds of both women as they writhed on top of me.Mom came first, and I delighted in the taste of her cum as it soaked my face. Lisa came soon after. Having both women climax on top of me, nearly at the same time was enough to get me off, and I started shooting off into Lisa. The feeling of her pussy muscles squeezing and pulling at me as I came was fantastic, and my orgasm just seemed to go on and on. Mom pulled Lisa off me, and dropped down, licking my cum as it came out of her daughter's pussy. I smiled, as I watched them get into a 69 position, and bring each other to another orgasm. By the time they reach their second mutual orgasm, I was ready to go again. There was just something about knowing that my wonderful little sister and my beautiful mother were sharing so much love, I wondered if I would ever go completely soft in the crotch again.Looking at my options for where to put my boner, I decided that Lisa's pussy made the easiest target. I got on my knees, and approached, but Mom stopped me."No hunny. Not in there again tonight. We need to put her on birth control. I think we need to put it somewhere else." She winked at me, and then shoved two fingers in her mouth, coating them with saliva. Mom then reached around Lisa's torso, and began playing with her asshole. Seeing what she had in mind, I approached, and added my own saliva to the mixture. Being this close brought my dick close enough to Mom, that I felt her lips wrap around my head, while she fingered her daughter's ass."Be gentle, brother," Lisa told me, turning to look at me. "I will only ever let you back there, but PLEASE be gentle.""I will, Lisa. I promise." I told her and meant it. I added more spit to Mom's fingers and she added a third, and finally a fourth. Lisa was writhing and mewling into Mom's pussy by this point, and I figured she was as ready as she would ever be.I pulled out of Mom's warm wet mouth, and Mom spread Lisa's ass cheeks with one hand, and guided me in with the other. As soon as the tip was firmly pressed against my sister's little brown hole, Mom started sucking on her clit. This caused Lisa to jump, and her asshole to loosen enough, that the whole head popped in. I immediately stopped, waiting for some kind of reaction. Lisa mewled some more, and began to rotate her hips, simultaneously grinding against Mom's sucking mouth, and pulling me in slightly further. In this position, I could just make out the shape of a red handprint, that I knew had to belong to whatever douche bag had mistreated my sister. I vowed then and there to always treat my family better, and to always love them, no matter what.Lisa unexpectedly shifted back, taking a large portion of my cock into her ass. We both moaned in satisfaction at the feeling, and I knew she was ready. I began to slide in and out, while Mom continued to suck on her clit. Lisa was moaning and panting into Mom's pussy, and I found out a second later doing more."That's right, sweety. Stick those fingers in Mommy's ass. Make your Mommy cum all over her gorgeous daughter!" Mom began to shudder under Lisa as a massive orgasm took her.I picked up the pace in Lisa's ass, relishing the way it undulated against my cock, her tight anus a pleasurable ring, sliding back and forth.Lisa turned back to look at me over her shoulder. "Does my brother like to fuck me in the ass?" She asked, and I was shocked to hear my sweet sister talk like this. I could only assume she had picked it up from Mom. "I like the feel of his thick cock as it slides in and out of me. My big brother can have any hole he wants, any time he wants it." Lisa started to move faster now, lifting her hips up, and then slamming them down, smacking her pussy against Mom's face. "Ugh, I love the way my wonderful mommy licks my pussy. You can both have me any time, any way... Just as long as you make me CUM!" With the final word, Lisa's ass clamped down on me, and I could see Mom sucking on her pussy hard as Lisa climaxed forcefully on both of us.Lisa fell forward, and I slipped out of her. She lay there, giggling on top of Mom. "Happy... So happy..." she kept murmuring.Mom got out from under Lisa, and then helped tuck her into bed. "I know that feeling," Mom whispered to me. "She will be asleep soon, blissfully exhausted." She looked down at my still stiff penis, and smiled. "Shall we go upstairs and finish?"Mom gave me a quick peck, and then ran from the room. I followed as well as I could, but by the time I got to her room, she was already on the bed, three fingers buried in her pussy, and one nipple being rolled between the fingers of her other hand.I got on the bed as quick as I could, but Mom stopped me. "We need to clean that, before you put it in me." She then grabbed some tissues I didn't realize she'd had time to grab, and slowly, lovingly, wiped all the juices from my cock.When I was cleaned to her satisfaction, she lay back, and gestured me towards her. "Come here, lover. Mom needs your massive cock in her."I was all too eager to comply. I decided to try something different, and fell forward onto my cast-stiff arms, over Mom. Pain shot through me, but it was soon eclipsed by the feeling of Mom's wonderful vagina, sucking me in. I started up a steady pace that Mom easily matched. I lowered my head as far as I could, and Mom lifted hers to meet my kiss. Our tongues played a smaller version of the game our groins were, and it wasn't long before Mom started cumming again, triggering my final orgasm for the night.Mom's pussy clutched at my spewing cock as she writhed beneath me. I kept pumping for all I was worth, till I couldn't move anymore and my nut sack was completely empty. I had to have Mom's help to get back upright. I collapsed on the bed next to her, and wondered at my luck over this past week.I had found my girlfriend cheating on me, wrecked my bike, been put in these miserable arm casts that made me almost useless on my own, been seduced by my own sister and mother, and even found out I had a half-sister AFTER I fucked and came in her, and so much more... If this past week wasn't fodder enough for daytime TV talk shows, I didn't know what was.I heard the steady breathing of sleep next to me, and decided that slumber sounded like a great idea. Tomorrow was Sunday. Hopefully that meant a day of rest, but in this family, who knew?=======================This is not going to be the last chapter, but it will be a bit before I write anymore in this series. Till I return, enjoy, and look for my other stories.If you liked, please rate positive. If you rate this negative, please tell me why in the comments. Either way, comments are ALWAYS appreciated.Also, visit my forum: Dark_Brother's Stories thread in the forums for more information on my stories, as well as pics of my characters.


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